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Automatic For The People News, Song of the week, Downloads, Audio & Mp3s, Links, And now The IRC #REM Chat.  Everything you want to know about REM is here...
Be A Monster Unofficial site.
Believe In Anything When You're Here Unofficial site.
Chronic Town Unofficial site.
Electrolite Unofficial site.
Eleventh, Untitled Site Unofficial site.
File Under R.E.M. Unofficial site.
Listen To Me - The R.E.M. Concert Archive Unofficial site.
listen.to/stipe Unofficial site.
Murmurs An unofficial band site for R.E.M., one of the most well updated and popular on the Internet.  It features almost daily news, lyrics, pictures, special features as well as a discussion forum with close to 2000 participants and nightly chats.
Parallel Unofficial site.
REMix It Up! Unofficial site.
So Fast, So Numb Unofficial site.
Spyro's R.E.M. Homepage Unofficial site.
Star 69 Unofficial site.
Strange Currencies Unofficial site.
The Moral Kiosk Unofficial site.
The Orange Crush Unofficial site.
The R.E.M. rec.music.rem Homepage The oldest R.E.M. web site, with the best release and bootleg discographies on the internet.  News, lyrics, FAQ's, tour info and more too!



rec.music.rem Chat with other fans in this R.E.M. newsgroup.



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